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The vocabulary in spanish so far

Capitulo 1

  1. acercarse a
  2. el armario
  3. asustarse
  4. bastar
  5. confundir
  6. dejar
  7. dejar de
  8. durar
  9. esconder
  10. fingir
  11. mentir (ie, i)
  12. mezclar
  13. parecerse
  14. probar (ue)
  15. raro
  16. soñar
  17. soñador(a)


  1. to approach (maybe approaching a car made by acer, an acercar XD)
  2. the closet (armory)
  3. to get frightened (by someone who was really sus)
  4. to be enough (I've had enough bastards in my life)
  5. to confuse
  6. to permit, to allow (maybe allowing the dahara desert to exist? that's the best I can come up with. Or allowing you to open "de jar")
  7. to stop (de-dehara-ing is the act of stopping the dahara desert from spreading XD)
  8. to hide (I hide from my parents when they try to force me to eat escargo)
  9. to pretend (I pretend I'm a finger)
  10. to lie (mental lie)
  11. to mix (kind of a cognate)
  12. to seem like (my parser is broken, but it seems like this is true)
  13. to test, to prove
  14. rare, strange
  15. to dream (with sonar)
  16. dreamer

Capitulo 2

  1. la amistad
  2. brincar
  3. el cielo
  4. la cola
  5. el compañero(a)
  6. contra
  7. dulce
  8. el dulce
  9. la educación
  10. la mala educación
  11. enterrar (ie)
  12. hacer(le) falta
  13. íntimo, -a
  14. la intimidad
  15. jamás
  16. juntar
    1. junto a
    2. junto, -a
  17. la mentira
  18. molestar
  19. la rodilla
  20. la soledad
  21. vanidoso -a


  1. friendship (think "amicable")
  2. to jump (over the "brink")
  3. the sky, heaven (cieling)
  4. the tail (near the colon lmao)
  5. the companion (cognate)
  6. against (conflict)
  7. dulce (from latin dulcis, exists in english as "dulcet", a sweet sound)
  8. The sweet, the candy
  9. education/manners
  10. bad manners
  11. to bury (enterrar => enter the ground)
  12. to miss (yo le hago falta para ti) (imagine you miss walter, kinda sounds similar
  13. intimate (cognate)
  14. an intimate relationship
  15. never ever, stronger than nunca (I hate jam, I'm never gonna eat it)
  16. to join (think joint)
  17. the lie (a mental lie? premeditated lie? :O)
  18. to bother (like molest)
  19. the knee (imagine scraping your knee on the road)
  20. the solitude
  21. vanity