RobotLandscape Blog 2022-01-03

Back up

Alright, I wasn't going to write a blog today, because I have spanish homework and several college apps, but I set a timer for 10 minutes. What's 10 minutes going to do for a writing habit?

School's back on. Getting up at 6, after waking up at 9~10 for the past 10 days, was hell. I'm glad to be back socializing and stuff, and I have a lot of projects I'm still excited about, but I'm going to get tired again quickly.

I am trying to start a communist club at the school with another person. So far the biggest holdup is that by the school's rules, we need an advisor, which means that
A. we have to ask for one, asking each teacher either if they would like to help us or know someone who would
B. we have to ask for one, potentially risking the relationship with the teacher. It might not seem that important, but I feel that it's more important than most people think since having the teacher on your side might offer you more academic freebies.

24 hour time is cool. Many American conventions just seem unreasonable to me, although I understand the reluctance of switching in some ways. It takes getting used to, and 2 years after switching to Celcius I'm just now getting to the point where it makes more sense than Fahrenheit.

This morning was the first morning in a while where caffine was an absolute must. I had to put ice cubes in it to be able to drink it faster because I knew if I didn't finish both my cerial and my coffee then I'd either be really hungry or really tired by the end of the day, respectively.

Also, I'm one of those nerds that has a bunch of stickers on the back of their computers. I got like a 300 pack on amazon and took the dozen or so that I liked the most. I also have a clear plastic case just in case the school board gives me shit for sticking them directly on the laptop and "damaging school property" or some shit like that.

3 minutes left. I don't really know what else to write about. The intercom system at our school is broken as usual, instead of a bell they've taken just to anouncing "now we will be going to our 2B classes". Fun public school stuff.

Eh. Public school isn't that bad. Our school is actually particularly nice as far as I know, and I'm getting the same kind of education as everyone else and it's working perfectly fine for now. 1:14 left.

I was working on the dnd dice roller earlier today. It's written in rust, and supposedly you can just type "diceroller 2d20+5" and it will show you the individual rolls and add them up, using just the normal DND dice syntax (x d y + z)

That's all. See you all later.
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