Robotlandscape Blog 2022-01-02

Back up

Wow, it's 2022 now. still.

I don't have a ton of time today so I won't be doing a long blog. It also didn't occur to me that keeping up a blog would be difficult with trying to maintain school too, and the winter vacation is over tomorrow. I'll still maintain it to the best of my abilities, but if I can't then that's fine too, I'll just add to it whenever I can.

I'm in the middle of college applications. I have one due today, two due tomorrow, and another two the day after that. And I did two yesterday. They suck, but I'm going to be glad when they're done.

I've been trying to stay hydrated better as well. I'm really not that picky on the quality or temperature of the water, but I've found I'm really picky with where I'm drinking it from. Well, in a way. I don't need a fancy water bottle or anything, but I need to be using the same water bottle over and over, I don't like changing it often. In fact, since I don't care about the temperature, I tend to just find a two quart juice bottle at the supermarket, drink all the juice, then I'm left with a perfect water bottle because the plastic is just thick enough to be durable and I don't waste the plastic on a single use. I did it first with the naked green machine juice at first and I liked that water bottle, but it made my water look green (despite being rinsed thoroughly) and friends would often tease that I drank vegetable oil. I recently lost that water bottle so I switched to an apple juice bottle of the same size (different shape) and it left the bottle more transparent. #hydrohomies

Also I'm really happy with my password setup at the moment. I am actually writing this on my mom's computer, and I'm pretty happy/certain that when I leave she'll have no way to access my passwords (she wants access to my email, and I let her because she catches stuff that I sometimes don't. Don't worry, not the ones in my contact info, so say what you like there.) I'm using Bitwarden with 2FA done by Aegis on my phone, so even if it saves my Bitwarden password, she won't have access to to every other password I have.

I also figured out how to "hack" standardnotes (meaning, getting extensions without premium) from this github repository. It's more difficult now that standardnotes has changed, but it's still doable. From the json file which they host the extentions, for each extension you want, you can still copy the link from latest_url and plug that into the custom extensions area in standardnotes. I've got the Advanced Markdown editor, the Midnight theme, the simple tasks thingy, the vim editor, and the folders component. I don't want to bloat it and I still want my notes accessible as plaintext, but this works for that.

Anyways, that's it. Back to college apps.

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