RobotLandscape Blog 2021-12-31

Back up

Hello again! Day two. I'll see if I can somehow manage to keep this up for 100 days.

Besides college applications, I've been spending my days recently trying to assemble all my notes into a single place, that single place being Standard Notes. I've picked standardnotes for a couple reasons:

So that means I have to get all my notes from all these different places and import them into Standard Notes. It's a chore alright, but I reckon it's worth it, assuming Standard Notes checks all my boxes into the future.

I've been using a combination of a variety of different notes apps, including Evernote, OneNote, Apple Notes, Simple Note, Google Keep, Emacs Org-Mode, and a couple different ones. I don't have anything really against these services (except Evernote because their device syncing limits on their free tier) but it's annoying that I'd have to install these apps and run them just to be able to access these notes, especially since many of these don't have linux versions.

I don't have enough to say about notes apps to write a whole blog post on them. So I'm going to talk about potential future blog posts or other random shit. I'd love to do a blog post on Marxism. The meaning of "Marxism" has been deeply distorted in Capitalist Media. Below is a collection of various things I've heard about Marxism that my ears have picked up on, all of which are incorrect:

I can probably think of more and I'll update this as I hear more, but that gets my point across. I won't do a blog on it now but maybe in the future.