RobotLandscape Blog 2021-12-30

Back up


This is my first post. I don't know if I'm going to keep using wordpress or if I'm eventually going to switch to something like neocities, but for now this works well, and since I'm just going to be writing in plaintext it should be easy enough to transfer once I get it working.

I really dislike college applications. The whole concept of it. I'm done with it. A bunch of organizations, bullshitting you to tell you that they consider you among thousands of other applicants equally, yet the whole process of picking and choosing people to go to university is inherently unequal. Not to mention all the hoops that I have had to go through. Maybe this is simply part of becoming an adult, where I have to go through more and more steps to do more mundane things, eventually to the point of just becoming a corporate tool, a rat in a cubicle.

I'd love it if I could make a career out of being a professional revolutionary. Of course being an environmental engineer or something along those lines would be cool, like I've been saying on my college applications, but that came out of a desire to create a material change in the world. That is where being an activist or revolutionary is so appealing to me, it's creating a material change but in a way that starts to topple these unethical structures.

I am thinking more and more about my gender identity. On my visit up to relatives this Christmas my grandmother was saying how one of my cousins "isn't really trans" (despite identifying as he/him, where he was AFAB). I don't know if that's relevant. I mean, sure, he didn't know it from the age of three, and as far as I'm aware it's something that happened during the pandemic (this is my first time seeing extended family in a couple years because of my family's travels) but that doesn't mean we can't respect it and treat it as reality. If it turns out that it's just a phase then that's cool too, we can support him regardless, call him by his assigned name and use his former pronouns. But until then it's our responsibility, our duty, to respect his gender identity, even if he changes it again later.

On a less serious note, I have started keeping my phone on a lanyard around my neck. It's strange in a way, and not strange in other ways. I feel like if people see it then it makes me look like the absolute dork that I am, but that's alright, long live the freaks :D It's good to always know where it is, and the way my case works it makes it less of a hastle to plug it in at night (because my case has a flap for the charger to keep dust out). It doesn't make it too much of a distraction, but I don't really use social media so it wasn't a distraction to begin with. It being more visible doesn't make it more distracting than it being in my pocket. It makes it annoying to show things on my phone, because I have to either take the lanyard off or take the phone off the lanyard, but that's fine, I can deal with that. I don't have any evidence for this, but I feel like it'd be harder to steal around my neck.

I'm working on a bunch of things right now, all of which I wanted to get done this vacation. I had a dice roller for D&D that I was making where you would go "$ droll 2d20+5" or something like that and it would parse the string properly and roll the dice, that was in rust (could have been in python, but I wanted to practice rust). I had a browser extension that would help with ADHD, that has not really been coming along because I don't have enough expertise in making browser extensions (or in webdev in general). Of course I've been working on my college applications too, and finishing up my online classes. I want to continue watching Markiplier's Security Breach videos too, keep up with those. And of course this blog too ;).

Welp, my 10 minute timer has ran out, beyond my knowledge. Hope this isn't too hard to read. See y'all later.